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Who says ADHD is BS?

We, the psychiatrists, psychologists, medical practitioners, researchers, and others listed below are alarmed at the worldwide drugging of tens of millions of children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

We know that some of the children labelled ADHD do have real problems and need help. However, we also know that ADHD is an unhelpful, unscientific, vague label and that so-called 'medications' do not address these problems and frequently cause significant harm.

  • Prof Sami Timimi, Professor Child Psychiatry and Mental Health Improvement, Lincoln, United Kingdom.

  • Prof Jon Jureidini, Professor Paediatrics and Psychiatry, Adelaide, South Australia.

  • Prof Peter Gøtzsche, Physician and Medical Researcher, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Assoc Prof Carolyn Quadrio, Psychiatrist, Sydney, Australia.

  • Dr Patrick Landman, Psychiatrist, Paris, France.

  • Melissa Raven PhD, Psychiatric Epidemiologist, Adelaide, South Australia.

  • Dr Bob Jacobs, Clinical Psychologist, Solicitor, Maleny, Queensland.

  • David Traxson, Educational Psychologist, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

  • Marilyn Wedge PhD, Family Therapist, Los Angeles, USA.

  • Dr Simon Sobo, Psychiatrist (retired) Connecticut, USA.

  • Eric Maisel PhD, Psychotherapist (retired), San Francisco, USA.

  • Martin Whitely PhD, Mental Health Researcher and Editor of, Perth, Western Australia contact

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