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Welcome to We expose the lies and half-truths promoted by the ADHD Industry!

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

In 2021 global sales of ADHD ‘medications’ are expected to total US$22.5 Billion. But like the fabled Emperor’s New Clothes, the growth of, and enthusiasm for, ADHD child drugging ignores the obvious. There is no scientific basis for diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and so-called ‘ADHD medications’ are amphetamines and similarly dangerous drugs, that temporarily alter behaviour but risk damaging developing minds and bodies.

Nonetheless, in the minds of many parents, doctors and teachers - even some who are uncomfortable about giving children drugs for behavioural problems - ADHD has got so big it must be real. But just like the Emperor’s New Clothes, ADHD has no substance and it is time to speak plain truth.

To really understand what is driving the ADHD epidemic we need to stop thinking of it as an illness and start thinking of ADHD as an industry.

The ADHD Industry is very profitable and therefore very well resourced. In contrast, we at are a unpaid global collaboration of independent, psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health researchers who are concerned about the damage done to children. We are here to fill the role of the boy who pointed out that the Emperor was a naked fool.

At least once a month will post a new blog exposing the BS promoted by the ADHD Industry to maximise is profits while hypocritically claiming to care for children.

Please help us protect children by sharing our posts and links among your networks.

Martin Whitely PhD - 1 October 2021

P.S. If you want a laugh at the expense of the quacks who promote ADHD watch ADHD is BS starring Australian comedian Peter Rowsthorn who plays renowned American 'ADHD Expert' Professor Chip Cash.


Coming Blog - In our next blog The ADHD Industry: A 21st Century success story we will explain how since 1980 'Hyperkinetic Disorder' (a rarely diagnosed and treated childhood condition) has been transformed into ADHD - the world’s most commonly diagnosed and treated childhood psychiatric disorder.

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